Things to Do in North Kingstown


Things to Do in North Kingstown

Things to Do in North Kingstown

Whether you like to spend a day visiting historical sites, relaxing on the beach, or shopping in colonial villages, North Kingstown is the place to go. Prefer day cruises along the bay? North Kingstown has it. Known for its location along Narragansett Bay, the town features several beaches, tourist attractions, and a bayside vacation atmosphere. Its proximity to both Newport and Narragansett makes it one of Rhode Island’s top places to go in the summer. Want to plan a trip to North Kingstown? We’ve put together the top five things you should do while you’re there:


  1. Rhode Island Bay Cruise

Come experience North Kingstown and enjoy a RI Bay Day Cruise. This 30-mile cruise takes you past ten different lighthouses, the historic Fort Adams, various Newport Mansions, and even under the Jamestown Bridge! This is the best way to experience the scenic sights of Narragansett Bay. The ship features first class amenities and three different viewing levels. Their sunset cruise is one of the most popular and breathtaking experiences that Rhode Island offers. Definitely put Rhode Island Bay Cruises on this summer’s to-do list!


  1. Seabee’s Museum and Memorial Park

            This museum is dedicated to the US Navy Seabees of World War II, Vietnam, and Korea. They offer tours and host field trips to the historic sight. Visitors can see real Quonset huts, artifacts, and archives, and the beautiful park is ideal for a summer picnic. Built by volunteers and the families of past Seabees, this North Kingstown monument has been around since the 1960s and is here to stay. 


  1. Wickford Village

            Go back to colonial times at Wickford Village, the historic and scenic shopping village along the waterfront of Wickford Harbor. Enjoy a bite to eat outside or go boat-watching by the harbor—you can even bring your dog! The pet-friendly village is an ideal daytrip for your whole family year-round. Over 50 shops, restaurants, and lodges to explore! 


  1. Smith’s Castle

            Smith’s Castle is a historic landmark in North Kingstown that offers group tours and guided house tours. The Castle is over 400 years old and played the role of a trading place between settlers and Native Americans. Take yourself back in time and learn a little about how not only Rhode Island, but the entire United States came to be.


  1. Dinner at Providence Coal Fired Pizza

Stop in for pizza at Providence Coal Fired Pizza, Rhode Island’s first and only coal-fired pizza. Our new outdoor patio is perfect for enjoying the nice weather this summer while sipping on $3 margaritas and eating half-price pizzas, courtesy of “Margherita Mondays”. With specials like these going on every day of the week, Providence Coal Fired Pizza is the place to be if you’re hungry in North Kingstown.

We pride ourselves on healthy “everything from scratch” menu, all of our ingredients are fresh and locally grown. With over 20 toppings, you can create your own perfect pizza or choose from one of our specialties. If you’re planning on stopping by after a Friday or Saturday beach day, don’t miss out and make a reservation; Providence Coal Fired Pizza is quickly being brought to light as one of Rhode Island’s best gems, and the locals know it!

Providence Coal Fired Pizza

Providence Coal Fired Pizza