September is National Food Safety Month


September is National Food Safety Month

September may be National Food Safety Month (NFSM), but at Providence Coal Fired Pizza, practicing food safety is a daily priority. Every day, we take the extra steps necessary to ensure the well-being of each of our guests. Besides our famous coal fired pizza, that careful attention to detail is part of what makes us who we are and the quality we provide.

Here are 5 things we do that show we take food handling seriously:

Plastic gloves 

At PCFP, we practice food safety in every step of the culinary process. This includes wearing plastic gloves whenever handling food. In fact, between our two locations, at Providence and North Kingstown, our employees use more than 8000 pairs of plastic gloves every week.

Educated staff

All of our kitchen staff employees complete Serve Safe courses where they expand their knowledge of food handling expertise, studying topics such as Basic Food Safety and Cross-Contamination and Allergens. Also, at each of our PCFP locations, we employ Certified Food Managers who are specially trained to maintain food safety and to educate others about proper, safe food handling.

Line checks

Our efforts to maintain food safety begin first thing in the morning. Each day, PCFP employees conduct line checks to inspect the quality of food and to verify that it is up to our highest standards of serving. We also take care to check that our food is properly stored. PCFP employees routinely check cooler temperatures to ensure the safety of all food in storage.


Practicing good food safety goes beyond just the preparing and handling of food; it is also important to be vigilant in maintaining a clean kitchen. We use sanitizers at PCFP to ensure a clean, safe workspace. Our employees follow a routine cleaning process to ensure each work surface is sanitized and safe: wash first, then sanitize. When it comes to food safety, we don’t cut corners.

Allergen sensitive

We want to ensure food safety at PCFP for each individual. So, when one of our guests notifies us of a food allergy, we are immediately ready to act. In the kitchen, our staff pulls out completely new cutting boards, new knives, and new tools to prevent any chance of cross-contamination. Next, the chefs and a manager efficiently communicate to confirm that the specialized final product is delivered to the appropriate table.


When you come to Providence Coal Fired Pizza, we want you to enjoy an evening of great food and good times. We concern ourselves not only with the quality of a delicious meal, but with the quality of proper food safety.

We invite you to celebrate National Food Safety Month with us this September at our Providence and North Kingstown locations. The calendar may call this a September holiday, but, for us, we’ll be celebrating food safety year round!

Providence Coal Fired Pizza

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