How You Eat Pizza and What It Might Say About You:

How You Eat Pizza and What It Might Say About You

How You Eat Pizza and What It Might Say About You

Pizza is one of America’s favorite dishes. Served with a cold can of soda and a marathon of your favorite TV show, this cheesy pie is a Friday night staple. Whether you like your pizza Hawaiian style, with extra cheese, or with onions and anchovies, next time you order a pizza, pay attention to more than just your topping choices. According to some behavioral psychologists, how you eat pizza says a lot about who you are as a person.

Are you little worried now about what your eating habits might say about you? Don’t worry. We’ve sorted through all of the data and compiled a comprehensive personality assessment. Which one are you?

Fork and knife

If opening up a box of pizza makes you reach for the fine cutlery, you are one classy pizza-eater. You tend to have more traditional values and a refined sense of taste and sophistication. But this doesn’t mean you’re an old stick-in-the-mud. You simply like to be prepared. Instead of making impulsive decisions, you approach life with careful poise and planning. After all, why get your hands dirty if you don’t need to?

More good news: you are a supportive friend. You are willing to take things slowly, listen carefully, and think before you speak.


You are a man or a woman on a mission. You have a meeting in twenty minutes, the building is thirty minutes away, and there is no taxi in sight. But you’ll get it done; you always do. You’re a masterful multi-tasker who lives life in the fast lane. Folding your pizza in half means you get the job done (i.e. eating the pizza) in half the time, without sacrificing flavor.

Eating on-the-go is the norm for you. Most likely, you’re a city dweller who can be seen power-walking the streets with a cell phone in one hand and a coffee in the other. You have one goal in mind: maximum efficiency.

Pinch hold

This is an interesting technique in which one, with one hand, pinches the middle of the crust, not so much that a full fold-in-half grasp is achieved, but enough to control the flow of the grease and to prevent the pizza slice from drooping.

If this is you, you’re a natural innovator. You like to work practically and methodically to find a unique way to solve problems. Your thoughtful tendencies also make you a top-notch mediator. You can articulate your ideas well in an argument or, more likely, you can craftily remain neutral and mediate the fighting.

Who are you in a nutshell? You are wise, knowledgeable, and thoughtful (a.k.a you’re the smart one!).

Leave the crust

You are a supreme strategist. Your walls are probably covered in color-coded to-do lists and you are a master at Excel spreadsheets. Everyday, you wake up at 6:00 am to run five miles, balance your checkbook, and volunteer at a soup kitchen – all before a day at the office.

You can try to be modest about your superior organizational skills, but there’s no hiding it: leaving the crust behind identifies you as the most organized person in the room. No one would be surprised if you also eat your pizza in a uniform, grid-like fashion and never even need a napkin.

While most of us devour pizza in one giant bite, you like to take your time. We applaud you for that. More than that, you are patient and kind. Keep on leaving the crust behind, you do-gooder.

Regular (nothing special)

If you’re thinking, Wait, none of these are me!, don’t worry. We haven’t forgotten about you. Some people don’t use utensils to eat their pizza, nor do they have a fancy method of holding the slice just right. Sound familiar? If that’s you, then you’re the kind of person who  just wants to pick up the pizza any old way and eat it.

You’re independent. You don’t care about the trends and you’re not interested in pretending to like what’s cool. You’re steadfast in your beliefs, you stand up for yourself and others, and you keep your eyes on the prize – which, in this case, is simply eating the pizza.

It’s not that you don’t care – you do. You’re just not fussy. You focus on the end results and anything else that happens along the way is fate. Put simply: the pizza is delicious and you’re going to eat it. End of story.

Next time you bite into a delicious, cheesy pizza slice, think about how you eat your pizza. Are you a multi-tasker or an innovator, an organizer or an independent?

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