Why Host Your Holiday Party at PCFP?

Why Host Your Holiday Party at PCFP

Why Host Your Holiday Party at PCFP?

The holiday season is officially upon us, which means your calendar will soon be filling up with holiday party invitations. If you’re hosting your own party to celebrate the season, then there’s only one place to go to this year: Providence Coal Fired Pizza.

Here’s why PCFP is the best place to host your holiday party:


1. It has a great atmosphere.

No matter what kind of party you want to throw for the holidays, the private room at PCFP has the perfect atmosphere to keep things festive and fun.

  • Hosting a family event? PCFP is a great environment for a guest list of all ages. Plus, with our special children’s menu, you’ll be able to accommodate even the pickiest eaters.
  • Is it a party for friends? You can guarantee this year will be a party to remember! At PCFP, we add an extra holiday flair with our special seasonal drinks menu.
  • Planning a corporate event? Don’t host another boring office party. This year, bring your co-workers together in PCFP’s amiable atmosphere. For a seated dinner, the private room can accommodate 45 people and for a cocktail party, 75.


2. It is customizable.

One reason many people are hesitant to host their parties outside of the home is that they fear they will lose creative control. Fortunately, that’s not a concern at PCFP; you have full control to customize the menu to suit the needs of your party.

Browse our lunch and dinner menus to find your favorite dishes to serve. You can also choose a buffet for your holiday party. We offer both a hot and cold buffet, with carving and shelling stations available.

If you’re planning to serve adult beverages, we also have different options of bar services available to suit the style of your holiday party. Choose from a full bar service, a beer and wine open bar, or a cash bar. A sangria station is also available.


3. It is stress-free.

For a lot of people, hosting a party brings a lot of stress–but not when you host your holiday party at PCFP!

Worried that your home might not have enough space to accommodate the large guest list you’re planning? Dreading cleaning up after the party when the fun is over and you’re left with a messy house?

Host your holiday party at PCFP, and you can forget these stresses and, instead, focus on enjoying the party atmosphere just as much as your guests!


When you get ready to host your holiday party this year, think about writing PCFP on the invitations.

It’s the best location for a stress-free, festive atmosphere.

Get started by browsing our catering menu.

Need more information? Contact us about special events at PCFP.

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