5 Things To Do in Westerly in the Spring

5 Things to Do in Westerly this Spring

5 Things To Do in Westerly in the Spring

In the springtime, when the weather gets warm, everyone is eager to spend more and more time outside. What’s one of Rhode Island’s most beautiful towns in the spring? Westerly! With quick access to the southwestern shoreline, there is always plenty to do in this quaint beach town.

Here are 5 things to do in Westerly in the spring:

1. Napatree Point Conservation Area

The Napatree Point Conservation Area is a 1 ½ mile peninsula going into the Block Island sound. Offering beautiful scenes of the water and a quiet respite from the hustle and bustle of crowds, it is the perfect place to go for a relaxing stroll in the springtime.

In fact, many people come to this conservation area with binoculars to watch for the migrating shorebirds at this time of year.

You can reach the Napatree Point Conservation Area via Fort Road in Watch Hill.

Learn more about the Napatree Point Conservation Area by visiting its Facebook page.

2. Flying Horse Carousel

One of the most popular things to do in Westerly in the spring is to visit the flying horse carousel at Watch Hill. Built in 1876, it is one of the oldest carousels in operation in the country and it is the oldest surviving “flying horse” style carousel.

What is a “flying horse” style carousel? Unlike a traditional carousel (on which horses are simply attached to poles that move up and down), the hand-carved wooden horses on this carousel are suspended from the center so that they “fly out” when the carousel moves.

Only kids can ride the flying horse carousel, but its beautiful design is still one of the best sights to see in Watch Hill.

Learn more about the famous flying horse carousel here.

3. Grey Sail Brewing of Rhode Island

At 63 Canal Street, this location has a unique history of former businesses. Before it became home to Grey Sail Brewing of Rhode Island, this building housed the Westerly Macaroni Factory, the United States Post Office, and NAPA Auto Parts.

After its opening in 2011, Grey Sail Brewing has quickly become one of the hot spots in Westerly. Between Wednesdays and Sundays, you can go visit the Growler Station to fill up your growler or pop into the Tap Room with friends to try out a couple of artisanal beers.

Grey Sail Brewing of Rhode Island also has a full calendar of spring events for the 2017 season. View their list of upcoming events here.

Visit Grey Sail Brewing of Rhode Island to learn more.

4. Wilcox Park

In 1898, Harriet Wilcox purchased seven acres of land in Westerly’s business district to donate to the Memorial and Library Association. After several smaller additions in 1905, Wilcox Park became what it is today: an expansive, open meadow in the heart of Westerly with scenic ponds, perennial gardens, and monuments.

On a warm, spring day, a lazy walk through the park or a relaxing picnic in its garden is one of the best things to do in Westerly.

For more information and to read about the park’s policies, click here.

To learn about the memorials in Wilcox Park and how you can dedicate a memorial to a loved one, click here.

5. Heliblock Helicopter Tours

Looking for something really exciting to do one weekend this spring? Have you ever imagined yourself flying in a helicopter? Did you know that you can go for a helicopter ride right here in Westerly?

With Heliblock Helicopter Tours, you can enjoy the thrill of a helicopter ride as you take in the sweeping, beautiful scenery of southern Rhode Island from the sky.

Helicopter tours are available for booking all year-round and there are three different types of tours available in Westerly: for 10 minutes/$49, you can cruise around Watch Hill Point; for 17 minutes/$89, experience and high and low level view of southern Rhode Island; for 38 minutes/$189, fly across the Block Island Sound.

To book your helicopter experience, click here.

Visit Heliblock Helicopter Tours to learn more information.

Now that you’re planning such an action-packed weekend for yourself in Westerly, don’t forget to make time for lunch and dinner.

This spring, Providence Coal Fired Pizza is happily to unveil its third location in Westerly!

Located at 162 Granite Street, find all your favorites from the PCFP lunch and dinner menus at a new hot spot in Rhode Island.

Make a reservation at our new Westerly location here or visit PCFP to learn more.


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