5 Pizza Cooking Tips


5 Pizza Cooking Tips

Making pizza to some can be considered an art, a hobby or even a career. There are many different methods and ingredients that go into making a delicious pizza. Our executive chef at Providence Coal Fired Pizza, David would like to share his 5 pizza cooking tips with you so that you can execute a delectable pizza right in the comfort of your own home.

1. Never use pre-grated cheese.

Always grate your own fresh. Pre-grated cheese tends to have anti-caking agents like cellulose coating the individual pieces of grated cheese. This prevents the cheese from melting properly and it has the tendency to lack moisture.

2. Do not cook tomato sauce for pizza.

Use ripe tomatoes and puree or crush by hand. Another option is to use a high quality canned tomato and crush the canned tomatoes by hand. Cooked sauces tend to be too thick and heavy. A lite layer of fresh crushed tomatoes is best.

3. Less is more.

Do not put too many toppings on a pizza. The rule is usually three topping to a pizza not including the sauce but it does include the cheese. Too many topping lead to a soggy pizza. Too much moisture can ruin a great pizza crust.

4. Pre-cook topping for your pizza.

If you like mushrooms cook, cool and season them before making your pizza. The same for most vegetables and meats such as sausage or meatballs. This help to reduce the amount of moisture on the pizza and allows you to season your ingredients properly.

5. Season your dough.

Treat your pizza dough as an ingredients. Season with good olive oil and salt or a seasoning of your choice. The crust is the base for building your creation. A well-seasoned crust will start you off on the right foot.

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